lundi 21 juillet 2008

Join the POWER CLUB and earn up to 116,640 Euros !

POWER CLUB has brought success and a sense of achievement to numerous individuals all over the world. The program exists in over 150 countries and has spread to all 5 continents since its birth in 1994.
The objective of POWER CLUB is to distribute the SUPREMA CARD. This membership card will grant its owner discounts ranging from 5 to 60% in thousands of selected affiliated businesses worldwide - hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.
How To Enter The POWER CLUB System ?
I'm already a member of POWER CLUB and you too have the opportunity to earn up to 116,640 Euros in commissions ! You simply purchase with me a certificate with the names of 7 people printed on it. Every certificate issued is serial numbered and guarantees the upline structure to its subsidiary participants.
- You give me 40 Euros, as a direct sales commission.
- Transfer or send a bank draft of 40 Euros directly to the person in Top Position, as a network commission.
- Send 40 Euros to F.S.I. Srl ( the administrating company registered with the italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Modena ) following easy payment instruction to cover administration costs. The payment can also be accepted in US$ for the equivalent of 40 Euros ( at the day's exchange rate ).
Then, fill out the certificate with your details and send it together with the proof of payment to F.S.I. Srl by email. This application will then be processed and the SUPREMA CARD along with 3 new certificates will be issued immediately and sent to you. On these certificates your name will appear in 7th position and as a result of this, the other names from the previous certificate have moved up one position. The person who was in Top Position earned network commissions from this sector of the network.
If you successfully activate your 3 certificates within 30 days of their issue date, you'll be rewarded with a Bonus Certificate. With this certificate you can earn another 40 Euros as direct sales commission, but- more importantly - the extra Certificate increases your original potential earning of 87,480 Euros to an incredible 116,640 Euros.

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